Qinglong Gorge Great WallQinglong Gorge (青龙峡, Cyan Dragon) has verdant mountains, crystal-clear water and the ancient Great Wall that are about twenty kilometers to the north of downtown Huairou County, northern Beijing. The scenic area has an area of 150 hectares and it is being divided into southern and northern parts by a big Miyun Reservoir and a majestic dam. The southern one is tranquil flowing stream in which boats can be sailed while the northern is a high ground lake that boat and ferry services are provided, also you can swim in the lake or play football and volleyball on the beach along the lake's bank. Exciting and breathtaking activities such as Bungee Jump, cliff climbing and prompt drop that you can take part on the eastern bank ; enemy watching tower built in the Ming Dynasty which is a well preserved architectural relic on mountain top. 

You can start at the foot of the mountain and go up as the altitude climbs, and you can reach the scenic Qinglong Gorge. Looking from afar, there are the great landscape of Miyun Reservoir and agricultural-use East Beijing Plane. The ancient Huairou Town is opposite to the beautiful scenery of mountain and water, and the hilly north is accompanying the grandness of the Great Wall. So, Qinglong Gorge is an ideal place for everyone to escape from the urban noise and downtown busyness.

The Great Wall section in Qinglong Gorge was the architecture built in the Ming Dynasty, at that time it was Dashuiyuguan Pass (大水峪关) – a frontier barrier. Although many of the stone tablets there have been ruined by damages, this section of Ming's Great Wall is still invaluable for its interesting architectural style and majestic landscape. The Wall was built as the mountain climbs. The starting point of this Great Wall tour will be in a forest, old trees and ancient rockeries are seen. It is also great to command a view of some far off scenes there. You can Qinglong Gorge Great Wallfeasts your eyes on the Mutianyu Great Wall and Miyun Reservoir when you are on the highest point of Qinglong Gorge Great Wall – Yuhuang Dais (玉皇台).

In northern of Qinglong Gorge, some recreational activities which are suitable for people of different ages and interests. Playing water, rowing canoe, seeing water falls, walking suspension bridge and fishing near the dam are recommended for travelers' leisure. Accommodation and food services are provided too.

How to Get There

You can take bus no. 916 that goes to Huairou County, and transfer Beijing North No. 2 Bus or local taxi to Qinglong Gorge.

Also, during Saturday and Sunday and China's Official Holidays, at Beijing Tiananmen Tourism Center, Qianmen West Avenue (前门西大街) or the at crossing of Xuanwumen, you can take a tour coach that directly to Qinglong Gorge.


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