Huanghuacheng Great Wall is actually a wall built along the scenic beauty of mountain and water. It is located in Jiuduhe Town (九渡河镇), Huairou County, about 65 kilometers to Beijing's downtown. 

HuanghuachengFlowers are blossomed and the birds will sing in seasons except in winter, but the scenery will be always good throughout the year. The Huanghuacheng Great Wall is being surrounded by hills with evergreen trees. This makes the Huanghuacheng Great Wall like a botanical garden. Vast landscape with a little piece of agricultural field is a great view that it is a pity to be missed, and as an ideal retreat from the noise city and return to Mother Nature.

The Great Wall of Huanghuacheng was built in 1404 in the Ming Dynasty. It is grand and majestic on the steepness of the mountain ridge and it goes along the scenic Haoming Lake (灏明湖). This part of the Great Wall has historically been the northern gate of ancient Beijing City and also the important entrance for Thirteen Graves of the Ming Mausoleum. Thus, this is the essence of the Ming Dynasty's Great Wall.

The strangest thing here in the Huanghuacheng is that the lake water has naturally "separated" this Great Wall section into three parts, formed the scenes of "Great Wall Plays Water" and "Water without a Wall" and so on. It is the only view that the Great Wall is in the lake water in China ! 

HuanghuachengChinese Chestnut Garden from the Ming Dynasty has many trees that their roots and branches are so complex in their structures which testify their old ages. The Grand Dragon Playing a Pearl Ball, which is a sculpture that is very eye-catching indeed. The Chinese chestnut trees were planted during the Ming Dynasty by the royal army. And the trees are still blossomed although they have been weather-beaten so much. The chestnuts are big and fat too.

Travel Tips

How to Get There. Bus routes : Tourism No. 6 that starts at Xuanwumen Gate, Dongshisitiao (东四十条) will directly go the Huanghuacheng Great Wall. Take No. 916 at Dongzhimen that can also reach the scenic spot too.

Food. The local dishes made of wild vegetables are highly recommended. Also, the delicious rainbow trout which is a local lake fish, very fresh. The water shepherd's purse along the lake has a beautiful green color and can be used as a kind of vegetable. It added some mustard will be so mouth watering.

Admission : 25 RMB for Huanghuacheng Great Wall only, you will have to pay more if you like to tour around, such as rowing canoe on the lake. Fishing for 10 RMB, jeep for traveling about is 10 RMB per capita, Mutianyu Great Wall 35 RMB, and cable car for 50 RMB.


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