It is located at southeastern Gubeikou (古北口) Town in Miyun County of Beijing. This a part of the 1,500-kilometer-long Great Wall Section that was constructed in the year 555 AD, and to which it stretched from Yulin River (榆林河) in Shaanxi Province in the west, to Shanhaiguan in the east. The Gubeikou Great Wall comprises three sub-sections, Crouching Tiger Hill (卧虎山长城), Dragon Hill (蟠龙山长城) and Simatai (司马台) Great Walls. 

Gubeikou Great WallOver twenty enemy watching towers, which are the scenic specialties on the Crouching Tiger Hill of an altitude of about 665 meters. Dragon Hill Great Wall lies between Simatai and Crouching Tiger Hill, the ancient defensive architecture is also good to see. The General Tower was applied for watching enemies on high ground and a military commanding office. The Twenty-four Eyes House is a square based building having two stories. There are three windows on each side of each level of the house, totally twenty-four, so it got its name.

Gubeikou had been an important defense barrier in the past. Great expansion work had been made during the Jin (金) and Yuan Dynasties. In the Ming Dynasty, there were beacon towers and passes of different sizes, as well as two gates, one of them is called The Iron Gate, set up at the main pass of the Great Wall. It is quite narrow that merely one carriage or a horse to pass through. General Qi Jiguang from the late Ming Dynasty and some prominent architects refitted the Great Wall section from Shanhaiguan Pass to Juyongguan Pass with tremendous effort. 

Gubeikou Great WallThe Capital Watching Tower is the highest point of Gubeikou Great Wall, 986 meters above sea level. In 1933, the Japanese army wanted to invade northern China, the Chinese forces strongly resisted at Gubeikou Great Wall with more than 360 soldiers died. The Monumental Tombs for Chinese Soldiers Killed in Action are built there.

How to Get There

Bus. You can take bus no. 42 at Dongshisitiao (东四十条), no. 27 at Xuanwumen and Beijing Zoo, or no. 12 at the northern crossing of Heping Street as far as Gubeikou Bus Stop. Also you can take no. 980 bus at Dongzhimen Gate to Miyun Stop, and transfer a bus that goes to Gubeikou.

Train. Nos. L677 and L678 are going between Beijing Railway Station and Gubeikou. The trip takes about three and a half hours.


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