Beijing Ruifuxiang SilkOn Beijing Dazhalan Business Street, there has a Baroque style store; every day there has a roaring business. The customers are beat a path to the store. This is the famous Ruifuxiang Silk Store. It was set up at 1893. It was originally opened in Shandong Province. When the business passed to Meng Luochuan, he made efforts to extend his family business to big cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai etc. And Beijing’s Ruifuxiang store was the biggest among all. Although the competition was fierce, with their exquisite decoration of the store, well-trained employers and good quality products, Ruifuxiang has outstood from other stores and thrived all the time. They have also been through ups and downs, during the Allied Forces of Eight Powers against China period, Ruifuxiang has been burned into ashes by invaders. But Ruifuxiang hadn’t been beaten down, after a period of adjustment, it reopened. Nowadays Ruifuxiang’s silk products are still favored by people from home and abroad.

Address : No. 5 Dazhalan, Qianmen, Beijing
Tel : 010-63035764


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