On Feb. 29 2008, as one of the most important auxiliary projects for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport was officially opened. Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport has total length of 2900 meters from south to north and the height of 45 meters. The total building area is 986,000 square meters. It is assured to be the world largest single airport terminal. Terminal 3 is divided into T3C, T3D and T3E functional zones with the total cost of 27 billion RMB. T3C is used for check-in procedures operation of passengers from domestic area, foreign area as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. T3D is temporarily used for charter flight during Olympic Games and Paralympics Games. T3E is used for departure and arrival of international flights, Hong Kong flights and Macau flights.

Three years and nine months time consumption for Terminal three of Beijing Capital International Airport makes the building area is two times larger than the total area of terminal 1 and terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport. Its completion largely relieves the operational burden of Beijing International Airport. The design of the terminal three is full of humanity. The steel roof beams are all set from south to north. The passengers can easily distinguish the south from and north via giving a glance to the beam. Additionally, the roof color is also purposefully transferred gradually from red to yellow. Different color represents different zone in terminal. The passengers can easily know where they are via remembering the roof color. There are 46 public toilets in new terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport. Each toilet additionally has the mother-baby bathroom and asexual toilet. The asexual toilet is used for handicapped people. To facilitating the departure or arrival of passengers, in the aspect of transportation organization, it is also very scientific. The grand terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport, the top-class aviation safeguard technology has been used. The transportation system, high-speed luggage transport system as well odd-light booting system also has been used.

In the new terminal, the world largest and speediest luggage operational system is used. The tiptop of the transportation speed is 7 meters per second. Nearly 20,000 languages could be dealt per hour. The advanced radio-frequency technique is also used for following automatically the languages to avoid the losing of languages in terminal. Besides, in new terminal, the internationally advanced systems of automatic categorization and high-speed transport are also used. The average time consumption from language arrival to language pickup is 10 minutes for domestic flights and 20 minutes for international flights.

Designed by the inspiration from the image of dragon, the new terminal (Terminal 3) roundly shows the oriental charm. Many world-class technologies are used and make Beijing Capital International Airport rank into the world most-advanced modern airports. Annual passenger throughput rise up to 7.6 million from 3.6 million shows its great capacity in international transportation. The usage of the terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport makes this busiest airport in Asia become the eighth largest airport in the world.



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