Mei Lanfang Grand Theater is a part of China National Peking Opera. It is located at the crossroad of the Pingan Avenue and the west part of the second urban round-way in the west of Beijing city. This theater is embodied by China's traditional and western architectural styles. The red wall and the golden bas-relief both show the characters of cross-cultural features. This grand theater is named after Mei Lanfang, the great master of Peking Opera in China.

Mei Lanfang Grand Theater has great performance court with hi-tech visual and audio effect. The hall-design, theater-design and stage-design have the originality and Chinese characteristics. Here via these subordinate help, you can enjoy the original and charming Peking Opera. Besides, other than Chinese Peking Opera, it is also qualified to perform exotic opera, drama, pantomime and concert. At night, the overall surface assembled with glass is showing the Chinese red. People will be deeply impressed with its Chinese royal atmosphere. The inner decoration is mostly showing the essence of Chinese traditional architectural form. The red pillar, red walls and the round golden bas-relief re-exhibit the essential legacy of Peking Opera in the past 200 years. Looked afar, it is like an opened art gate and release the culture and history of this renowned city and mind of Peking Opera and its performers.

Mei Lanfang Grand Theater is the exhibition of elite art and also the assembling place of liberators. Each part and detail shows the designers article pursuit and humanity service. The top-rate and excellent inner equipments and advanced large-scale digital recording studio, luxurious multi-functional hall and well-equipped meeting hall could meet diversity of movements and meetings. On the forth floor, there is a Peking Opera exhibition showing the colorful characters in Peking Opera. There are also a coffee room, tea room, and some small shops for videos, books, presents, flowers and food.

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