China World Trade Center is one of the top comprehensive business service companies with largest scale in China. China World Trade Center is located in the key area of Beijing Central Business District with the total area of 12 hectares. Its whole architectural area is 560,000 square meters. It is widely used for office, accommodation, meeting, exhibition, shopping and amusement and so on. It is the first selection for multiple multinationals and business agencies to stay in Beijing. Originally China World Trade Center was established in 1985. Since its opening, more than 400 domestic and international exhibitions or expositions have been held here. Annually, over 4700 diversities of meeting are held here. In the meantime, China World Trade Center also the place many national leaders or governmental leaders as well as the organizers of some important international organizations.

China World Trade Center Tower 3
Currently the third part of China World Trade Center (China World Trade Center Tower 3) is in progress. The main building of this part is 300 meters high, and it is the tallest one in Beijing. China World Trade Center Tower 3 was completed in 2007 with 330 meters high. Totally it has 80 stories. Its main building was completed in 2008. China World Trade Center Tower 3 is not only the symbolic building in CBD (Central Business District) of Beijing but also the landmark of Beijing. Together with the part one and part two, the whole China World Trade Center has become an architectural complex with more than 1100,000 square meters, and it will be the world-largest international trade center.

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