China Millennium Monument is located on the extended section of West Chang’an Avenue and at the west side of Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution, north side of Yuyuantan Park, southwardly opposite to Beijing West Bus Station. China Millennium Monument backs on north side and faces the south; its location is the traditional style in ancient China (North-South Location is the traditional style for house building, and it is meaningful. Chinese imperial or royal architecture as well as the folk buildings in ancient days were generally done like this. It is the principle for house building. Firstly it means the authorities or superiority; secondly it also shows the importance of Fengshui (geomantic omen), thirdly it is indeed good for sunning and environmentally-friendly living). China Millennium Monument covers 4.5 hectares with the total area of 35,000 square meters. It is mainly comprised of the major building, Bronze Corridor, the Plaza of Holy Fire, Century Hall, Art Hall, and Pedestrian Bridge. China Millennium Monument is specially made for welcoming the coming of century 21 and the new millennium.

China Millennium Monument is proposed to be built by Professor Zhu Xiangyuan, the vice-chairman of Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference, in 1994 for welcoming the coming millennium. In 1997, Beijing authorities proposed to establish a commemorating architecture for new millennium coming. The location is settled in Nanmen Square of Yuyuantan Park. In 1998, it was formally named China Millennium Monument. China Millennium has the important aesthetic meaning released via the conception of harmony and mean to show the coordinative development between nature and human, the idea of combination of scientific spirit and morality, as well as the idea of interaction and harmonization between west and east culture.

As for its general art design, China Millennium Monument takes water and stone as the importance or the centers, moreover it also via the poetic and brief language as well as Chinese traditional painting method to show the aesthetic spirit of Chinese people’s universal viewpoint. The floating water and the stream of sinking square and bronze corridor as well as 40,000 square meters monument body, plaza, pedestrian paved with yellow granite brick all show such a design.

In front of southward entrance of China Millennium Monument, there is a white marble inscription stele with 9 meters long, 1, 05 meters high and weight of 34.6 tons. Jiang Zeming, the former president of China, inscribed five Chinese characters “中华世纪坛” for it. The back of this marble stele is inscribed the article of Ode to China Millennium Monument. This marble is said to be the world largest one. The north side of China Millennium Monument is a sinking round square with a radius of 17.4 meters. This square is paved by 960 granite bricks which is the symbol of 9600,000 square kilometers territory of China. The center of the square is a square fire dais, the unceasing fire from Peking Man Site of Zhoukoudian means the civilization of China is non-stop. The east and west sides of the square there are two running waters respectively means the mother river of China: Yangtze River and Yellow River. The main architecture of China Millennium Monument is comprised of two underground stories and three on the ground. It is 39 meters high with diameter of 85 meters. It has the immobile cloister and the revolving appearance of monument. The weight of revolving body of China Millennium Monument is 3200 tons, which is the world’s largest and heaviest revolving building body. This building body is made in track style.

The all-circled wall with 56 national symbolic images is carved by yellow granite. There are 40 portrait statues of Chinese cultural celebrities made by the bronze in corridor. In the center of the revolving building, there is a round dais with 14-meter diameters specially for dancing and art performance. There is a 27.6-meter”time-space probe” on this revolving building. It is the symbol of eternal extension of time and space and expresses the innovation and exploration spirit of Chinese people. The immobile corridor and the revolving body of China Millennium Monument respectively show the philosophical idea of “Heaven” and “Earth” and it means the integration of heaven and earth.

The major building of China Millennium Monument is Century Hall with a diameter of 39 meters. The total area is 1171 square meters. In the century hall, there is a large-scale round basso-relievo fresco to show the past, today and future of China. The perimeter is 117 meters. Currently it is the largest fresco. The second floor is a round art hall assembled the most advanced exhibition facilities in the world. it is the place for all the quintessential articles for showing in Beijing from other areas of China and other countries in the world.

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