Bird’s nest is the main stadium of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Generally, governmental officials in the news conference and the multimedia hosts formally call it National Stadium, but the public universally call it bird nest just for the whole shape of venue looks like a bird nest. It is the super-sized stadium cooperatively designed by Chinese architect Li Xinggang as well as Herzog and Demei Long, who were2001 Pritzker Prize winner. In shape, the whole architecture looks like the nest for life gestation. It symbolizes the cradle of human and the hope of human’s future.

2008 Olympic games held in Beijing moved and impressed world-wide people too much. Unprecedented success and the global positive effect let this game be the most significant and successful one in the Olympic game history. The opening ceremony and the closing ceremony as well as the fabulous hardware facilities and first-rank service let the audiences, spectators, visitors, and TV live programme watchers feel the grandness and incomparable satisfaction. People who concern about this Olympic game nearly all highly speak of the wonderfulness of the preparation, management and performance. This is the first time that China is focused by the world so closely and joyfully. Thanks to this venue, China is known more widely and more exchanges are done in the world circle.

People who watch the grand, fantastic and dream-like performance of opening ceremony and closing ceremony in this national venue are deeply remembering the magnificence and grandness of the stadium and the charming & marvelous Chinese cultural and historical show. This is the legendary record of Bird’s nest in China.

As one of the symbolic architectures in Beijing, the bird’s nest is located in the Beijing Olympic Park and the east side of north section of Beijing city axes-line. The total area of the architecture is 258,000 square meters. During the Olympic Games, it serves as the venue of the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, track and field competition, the final of men football games. It can accept 100,000 spectators at a time, and there are 20,000 temporary seats. After the Olympic Games, it can hold 80,000 people at a time and also capable of holding the high-level sport games, meanwhile it is also one of the important attractions in Beijing and offers Beijing civilians the place for exercise and leisure. It is the landmark of sports architectures and the heritages of Olympics.

The outer structure of the bird’s nest is made of the huge-size steels. In total there are 24 steels. The top of whole architecture has the saddle-shape look. The duration of this architecture in use is 1oo years. It has the high-level facilities for fireproofing and resists the strong earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale.

As one of the top-ten Architectural Wonders in 2007, it is highly spoken by the world-class architects. Today it is the public center of sports competition, meeting, conference and exhibitions, cultural show and entertainment, as well as business and shopping. The power supply of the bird’s nest is all from the solar energy. Many other high-techs are also used in the venue, meanwhile, the conception of environmental protection is also thoroughly shown in the bird’s nest. The slogan of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is a concentrative show in this venue. The green Olympics, scientific and technological Olympics, cultural Olympics are shown clearly in the venue. Have a visit to this venue also can help you feel the grandness of that historic games.



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