Historically, the craftsman named Kuai Xiang was the designer of Tiananmen of Ming Dynasty. At the early time of Ming dynasty, he was born in a carpenter’s family in Wu county of Jiangsu province. His father was a famous craftsman at the time. Under the influence of his father, since his childhood, he studied the engineering of building construction from his father. At the age of his 30s, he became a famous craftsman. At the 15th year of Emperor Yongle in Ming dynasty, Zhu Di gathered many famous craftsmen all around the world, and Kuai Xiang was ordered to go to Beijing as the architect of royal palaces (Forbidden City). Together with other noted craftsmen, Kuai Xiang did an elaborative design on Tiananmen. After the completion of Tiananmen building, it was widely praised by the public, and people respectably call Kuai Xiang to be “Kuai Luban” (Lu Ban was the greatest master and the forefather of Chinese craftsmen), and on a picture about the layout of the palaces of Ming and Qing dynasties, his image was also pictured in order to show his contribution. By the way, when Emperor Yongle established Beijing, all the projects were all done by the old structure of Nanjing to show his legality.




Kuai Xiang Tiananmen





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