Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) behind Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) was established in 1420, and it was one of the main gates of Forbidden City in Ming Dynasty, also the main gate of royal palace in Qing dynasty. The whole architectural style is similar to Tiananmen. The tower of Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) was the place for keeping royal ceremonial articles. On the day for royal rites or some important occasions, emperor’s escort was very grand and magnificent from Taihedian(Hall of Supreme Harmony) to Tiananmen with roughly 3 miles. Meanwhile the bells and drums on Meridian Gate and Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) were stricken at the same time to show the supremacy of royal power.

During the time of Republic of China and People’s Republic of China, Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) was the storeroom of cultural antiques of Historical Museum. In 1999, Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) was well restored and was one of the best-preserved ancient architecture in Forbidden City. Since then it was officially opened to visitors. Currently some rare exhibitions such as Exhibition of Hundreds of Emperors and Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Masterpieces by Famous Artists are available. Getting up to the tower, the gardens of Ming and Qing Dynasties of Imperial Ancestral Temple and Altar of Land and Grain are easily seen. If the visitors like Chinese ancient architecture, gardens of Ming and Qing Dynasties and painting-calligraphy art, it is worthy of visiting.

The area from Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance) to Meridian Gate is 30680 square meters. On both sides of the royal street, there are hundreds of rooms for many officials of ministries working before their morning meeting with Emperor. Photos of visitors wearing the ancient garments under the background of Meridian Gate are very unique. At the west of Royal Street, the Ancient Guns of Hongyi in Ming and Qing Dynasties preserved by China Historical Museum are displayed openly. What is more, the northern side of left rooms currently is the station of national-flag guard. In the morning of each day, the guard in orderly line sings the military songs. They on the Tiananmen Square raise the national flag and guard the flag. It is one of the attractions of Beijing visit.
Duanmen(Southern End Main Entrance)

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